Joys of Spring!

  • Goat kid looking up into the camera -- funny!
  • a pink flower set in green foliage
  • Heifer getting neck scratched
  • a plum tree with light pink blossoms
  • goat with big horns
  • Water running out of a pipe
  • A brown and white goat in front of a white and black goat
  • Goat standing on wire spool
  • A brown and white goat
  • Side view of brown and white goat
  • Side view of a dark brown goat
  • Side view of a gray, black and white Alpine goat
  • Side profile of goat with horns
  • profile of goat kid face
  • goat kid with big ears
  • A very pregnant, brown and white goat

There is so much going on right now!

Lots of pregnant goats due within the month.

Things blooming everywhere.

Very, very dry and unseasonably warm and sunny every day.

Cute animals all around!

Making Sausage with Ground Turkey, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Basil

  • Grinder, turkey meat and sausage-stuffing tube
  • ground turkey meat with sun-dried tomatoes and basil ready to stuff into casings
  • sausage stuffed into casings
  • stuffed sausage ready to freeze
  • sausage on the grill
  • pasta with our homemade pesto
  • sears and roebuck grinder with GE motor

Every year, we save two or three of our largest turkeys (40+ lbs each) for sausage. It takes about 4 hours to process them into stuffed sausage.


1) thaw frozen turkeys to almost completely thawed

2) cut meat off bones; make some turkey-chops (like pork chops) with breast meat

3) grind all the rest of the meat

4) grind up a couple quarts of sun-dried tomatoes

5) crumble a quart and a half of dried basil leaves

6) evenly mix tomatoes and basil with ground meat

7) put the sausage stuffing tube onto the grinder and push many feet of casing (cleaned hog intestine) onto the tube

7) send mixture back through the grounder through the sausage stuffing tube at the outlet an into the casing (like creating a giant worm)

8) create sausage links by pinching and wrapping casing as desired, tie with string and cut

9) freeze in bags for later use

We made about 25 lbs of sausage and the rest of the breast meat was cut into pork-chop size chunks for later grilling or lightly frying in olive oil with herbs/seasonings as desired.

About the grinder/motor: We purchased the grinder at an estate auction many years ago. It is from an era when America’s manufacturers made things to last. It is a Sears & Roebuck grinder with a GE (General Electric) motor. We think it is from the 1940s. It weighs 60 lbs!

Happy Birthday, Ayla!

Ayla has been guarding for us for 11 years! Way to go, old girl. (check out the goat action in the background). Our goats are safer because of the Anatolian Shepherds. Ayla is our second Anatolian.

Some of you have seen the video, below, but if not, it’s worth a watch, when Ayla was a puppy with our first Anatolian.

Note: David and I look a bit older now because of course we are, but we have always half-way joked that Ayla took years off our lives because she was always such a night-time barker. She has amazing hearing, even mice in bushes 100 yards away would set her off. She has a number of raccoons under her belt and also survived a fight with a pit bull (it was her fault, she wandered onto its property one day when she decided to just go check out the neighborhood after nine years of staying within fences. Never did figure out what that was all about.