Cherry cider by the pool!

Remember when we made the cider: Juicing off-grade cherries for cider?

It’s ready!  We moved it from the carboy into the keg last weekend, added two quarts of organic, muscat grape juice (which we made a few years ago), a pinch of cinnammon, and presto — cherry cider for summer by the pool.

New life for discarded stuff …

Three, “new” pool chairs have had their old, torn fabric replaced and now find a home by the pool.  We bought about 5 yards of fabric for $60, David cut/sewed the material and we stretched/pulled it all back into the frames.  David found the chairs tossed out ready for the landfill, so now they have a new life by the cement pond!CIMG3159CIMG3160

Do we produce more food than Rhode Island?

NPR had an interesting story tonight about Rhode Island’s lack of food self-sufficiency.  They grow about 1% of their food.

(Coincidentally, David and I were discussing the hordes he found in Chico, CA Costco yesterday and together we mused about how dependent everyone is on food magically appearing in huge, safe quantities.  HUGE quantities).

Tonight we wondered if we might not grow as much food as all of Rhode Island!!??  🤣

100 degrees F yesterday and no A.C.

Here’s how that is possible.  See the outside temperature (below) this morning is 56.7, and with a whole-house fan with windows open overnight, the house is at 65.8.  When the indoor temp stops decreasing this morning, the fan goes off, the windows get closed, and the house will stay very cool all day, probably reaching 78 by 9:00 a.m. this evening, when we open up again.

So, it’s possible, as long as our valley cools at night.  And, if the valley doesn’t cool at night?  Well, it’d better!!  🙂

Oh, it was actually over 100 yesterday.  More of that today, too.


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