Adolescents, or still stuck in “Toy Stage”?

“‘Too late, too late you see the path of wisdom,’ the Chorus in the play ‘Antigone’ tells Creon, ruler of Thebes, whose family has died because of his hubris. … ” writes Chris Hedges in

My post this morning follows on the recent “Thoughts on what we eat.”  I’m referring back there because the above linked essay by Hedges envisions a future in which humans move to plant-based diets.

Chris’s essay, in many ways, mirrors my own sense of where we are, except I think his friend, Frank Drake over-estimates our current, collective stage.  Frank thinks we humans might be adolescents, still drunk on our own power and hubris (… the Antigone reference I started with above).  I think collective humanity is still in the toy stage.  Most still believe in gods of some sort, which I liken to a belief in Santa Claus.  We have to get past the toy stage first!

Anyway, back to plant-based diets of the future.  Is that a for-certain destination in an enlightened or more evolved awareness?  If so, how does one already in that destination speak to an omnivore like me so that I hear the message and have a way to make it my own?  For one, I would need guidance, models to follow,  belief that I could do it with the resources I have and belief that doing so would make my life better, overall. (And no, self-righteous, spewing spittle — some wacky extremist yelling in my face)!

If a person with an enlightened position encounters someone in opposition, there can be a seemingly unbridgeable chasm that opens between the two (keeping in mind that we are all part of the same thing, so the “other” person is another aspect of self, all of us, at some level).    How do we bridge the gap between the many, seeming divides between all of us, especially when one side of the gap is truly an evolved, more aware position?  For example, “The world is flat.”  vs “The world is round.”  Humans had to evolve from flat to round.  There was a lot of mess to get there — yelling, screaming, fighting, even death.  The round people were right of course, but getting the flat people to come along was no easy feat.  We have the same thing today with regard to religion, and with regard to climate change.  It seems pretty clear to me that evolution of our human selves drives us beyond the toy (gods) stage.  So, I think I’m on the “right” side of that one (having lived both sides).  But how do I bring my fellow-humans along with me, out of the toy stage?  And then, how can I get them past climate/planetary adolescence, so that we all have a better chance for a happy future?

And so back to the gulf between omnivore me and plant-based diets?  Does that mean I won’t be eating rabbits when I grow up?

TBC (to be continued) …

Thanks for musing along with me.  Please do read the Hedges essay linked in the first paragraph of this blog post.


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