Where’s the Pope?


Thanks to recent rains, we have the Central Boiler on its maiden voyage — it’s also claiming there’s a Pope …”

No, it doesn’t smoke like that all the time, just at start-up.  Shouldn’t have to start it again if we keep wood in it.  Not sure how much wood it will take — there will be a learning curve keeping the right amount in based on temperature demand.


Last Melons of the Season


(From left: Bidwell casaba, Neil’s favorite green melon (like a sweet honeydew), and moon & stars watermelon).  The little round divots are where the melon-baller took a taste sample. 🙂   The two melon varieties on the left came out of the garden this morning.  We had the watermelon stored in the refrigerator from a few weeks earlier.


Home Sweet Home!

After being evacuated for 10 days because of fire danger, we and all animals except rabbits are home!  Now we can celebrate Thanksgiving.  Air quality is still pretty bad, but rain is in the forecast — lots of it (no such thing as moderation this year).  We are also very thankful for all the firefighters (all 5000+ of them), first responders, and our gracious friends who sheltered us during this time.  It’s not easy to shelter 2 humans, 11 goats, 3 very large dogs, a cat and 5 rabbits.  Danny, Drew, Jess and Danka are saints!


RIP Sweet Little Nut

Nut (the cat pictured below) departed from her time with us after thirteen years on the farm — she was our first farm cat.  Her big white pal preceded her four years ago.  (The picture is thirteen years old and the two humans survive them both, with lots more gray).  Sweet little Nut used several of her first nine lives surviving the big, white dog.  One morning we couldn’t find her when she was still a kitten — and then we did find her wet, motionless, laying in cold, dewy grass in the center of the driveway.  She had apparently spent the previous hours as a toss-up play toy.  She survived that, and resigned herself to being carried around in big white monster jaws for almost a year.  Then she came into her own and excelled in gopher hunting.   Our other cat, Bolt, is a bit discombobulated with no Nut around.  RIP sweet little Nut.  If you run into our big white pal, let him know we miss you both.


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