Triplets for Lil’ Girl

Brown one is first-born, doeling; middle one is buckling; back smaller one is last born, also a doeling.
We are still a little damp and wobbly — not at our best for photos, goat daddy.

Momma seems to be doing fine — not real attentive, but definitely lets them nurse. She’s probably a little shell-shocked.

The Chocolate Boys

We are less than a day old and very sleepy.
… but very happy.

These two were born to a doe named Chocolate. Both little bucks. One looks like his mom, solid brown. I was in Santa Rosa when they were born, so just saw them this evening. They are very tiny, but appear healthy. Chocolate is a small doe and we were shocked she had two. David said they both have quite the pair of lungs on them … they put Toy Story to shame with their vocalizations upon entry into the world.

Goat Kid Watch Update

No new kids yet, but Daisy is a major wide-body. She’s wider than tall now. Within the next few days we expect some kids. Sadly, Goatie aborted several weeks early this past Saturday. She is fine, and little BG is taking care of the bonus milk. We do not know what happened and didn’t find the kid(s), so some predator may have run off with whatever. We took Goatie to the vet to make sure there was nothing left inside and ultrasound showed she was clear. Goatie was sad and so were we. We were looking forward to little GG.

Another Flood (and incidental goat update)

Yep. Every year since we moved here from our old place across the road — flood! Other than a mess, everything seems to be mostly intact.

Just a little water in the pastoral little stream

The northern Sierra precipitation amount  is increasing after looking pretty weak earlier in the year.

Our house and stables are at the base of a hill — the stables got a lot of water in them from gopher holes in the hills. Spent quite a bit of time tonight hauling out mush and water and then putting dry bedding in for the goats.

We have five very pregnant does that are due in about 10 days — they need dry bedding! Daisy is carrying 3 or 4. Goatie may have two. Little Girl and Chocolate appear to have one each. Phee Phee has one as well. The three Stories are into everything, and Toy Story is very vocal — always. Boy Story is acting a little lost — like he doesn’t really fit in with his two sisters. Little BG is the sweetest little goat ever. Not sure how little BG is going to take to siblings pushing him away from mama. He is a mama’s boy.

Wine Progress; Snow Now Not Likely; Goat Quarantine

It was a little past time to rack the 60 gallons of wine sitting in our barrel since September, so we did that. Not overwhelmed by the wine just yet, but it has a nice finish after a harsh start — maybe it will mellow a bit more. Here’s the link to our September update on the wine:

For the last few days, our local forecast had a lot about snow here (we’ve only seen a dusting at our elevation in 15 years), but seems to be fading away. Fine by us. We really aren’t jealous of snowfall experienced by friends and family back in the Midwest and East in the last week.

Lastly, Toy Story has matured enough we have to quarantine her from Bucko. She’s way too young (5 months) for his shenanigans. Girl Story is probably not far behind, so we are keeping them both separate from Bucko. Some of our friends have a different name for Bucko … one that begins with “F” …

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