We bottled 2018. Very happy with it so far, but it really needs to sit in the bottles for another year. We harvested these grapes about 1 year ago (see older post:

David’s mom helped us bottle the 225 l barrel and it only took 3 hours, so about 1.6 bottles per minute with the three of us working. We were fortunate to be able to borrow a floor corker and 3-station bottle filler from our friend that gave us the grapes.

Limas the Size of Quarters

Freshly picked and shelled lima beans

One might be tempted to react: eeeeewe, yuck, lima beans! But that would be based upon the experience of store-bought lima beans. Fresh limas from the garden fixed in a little butter are unlike any you may have had from a store.

This afternoon, friends Dennis and LeRoy will enjoy them with us as part of our bridge game day (a monthly tradition) feast.

The End of 2019 Melon Season

One of my personal garden joys is fresh, sweet melon, especially in morning fruit salad. Today’s is the last for 2019. It features Afghan honeydew, and a couple other melon crosses, plus some pluots, golden raspberries and figs.

Melon season started in August, so it’s slow coming (because of our cold nights) and short-lived, making everything that much more special. Our wire-bottomed planting boxes keeps gophers from tragically killing the precious plants mid-season.

The Afghan honeydew is a crisp, sweet melon with a beautiful green color and very thin skin. Highly recommended variety for those who grow their own.

Wood, Cider, Barn

Not quite “chop wood, carry water”, but it’s life right now!

We’ve been busy gathering firewood we split earlier this year, making cider, and just enjoying the view of the barn from the dining room. Oh, there’s lots more work going on … peaches, vegetables, etc.

Yes, that cider is bubbling away in carboys sitting in a bathtub. We don’t use that tub and the house is cooler than outside (except it has been 49 outside one morning this week already)!

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