Bucko’s Last Hoorah at this Ranch

Since March when all Bucko’s kids were born, we have kept him isolated in the north pasture. He hasn’t liked it one bit. But now he is in Billy Goat heaven. We returned him to his herd yesterday.

Bucko is a pure, white goat (Savanna / Boer cross). You don’t really want to know what he does to turn everything forward of is male anatomy from white to brown, sticky and stinky. Poor guy spent too much time alone.
Bucko engaging his Flehman Response to see who’s ready to mate.

As soon as he’s worked his way through the herd, he goes up for sale. He’s been incredibly effective and we expect about 10-12 more kids from he and his six, available does, which will bring our herd up to around 40 in March sometime. It will take that many to expediently turn our foothill brush land into something less flammable.

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