This is How We Do A Thanksgiving Feast

  1. Harvest turkeys a few days before (photos not included)
  2. Start cooking the day before (pies, cranberries, and other sides)
  3. On Thanksgiving Day, get up at 5:00 a.m. to stuff the turkey
  4. Put turkey in oven at 6:00 a.m.
  5. Guests arrive at 12:00 p.m. with additional, amazing food contributions
  6. Take turkey out of oven at 12:30 p.m. to rest
  7. Bake bay-leaf-scented spoon rolls
  8. Eat Hors d’oeuvres
  9. Feast!
  • The Joy of Cooking opened to page 327 with a recipe and a bowl containing the completed stuffing.
  • turkey in a pan ready to cook with breast covered on olive-oil soaked cheesecloth
  • turkey in a pan ready to cook filled with stuffing
  • turkey read to cook in a pan. Breast is covered with olive-oil soaked cheese cloth.
  • a foil tent on a turkey in a pan
  • a turkey in a pan covered in foil in an open oven
  • bowl of cranberry jell, two packages of cranberries front/back to show recipe and brand, and an orange
  • a pumpkin pie and an apple pie
  • A recipe on a page from a magazine.
  • A recipe printed on a magazine page.
  • A recipe, a container of sour cream, and a bowl of dough
  • A muffin pan half-filled with dough spooned out of a large bowl.
  • Two, twelve-space muffin tins filled with dough and a bay leaf stuck in each roll.
  • Hors d'oeuvre
  • A pastry dough with squash, onions, herbs, goat cheese and olive oil waiting to go into the oven.
  • A long, eastern black-walnut table with 9 place settings.
  • A roasting turkey in a pan in an oven
  • A roasted turkey in a pan sitting on an oven. Turkey is nicely browned.
  • Table and chairs in front of a picture window to the lawn.
  • A Greek-style salad
  • A plate of yellow, cubed squash
  • A broccoli salad with rice, raisins and bacon.
  • a casserole dish filled with shredded yams
  • a casserole dish of yams mixed with cream, sugar, and walnuts
  • A pot of beautiful cider-brazed greens.
  • A casserole dish filled with broccoli and gorgonzola cheese.
  • A platter of white and dark turkey meat.
  • People scooping amazing food onto their plates.
After feasting, we went out to visit the critters. Fun for all. Lucy loves Brenda, and Brenda loves Lucy!

The Cabin Gets a Floor Upgrade

Before: old carpet was on old linoleum glued to pine planks (not high quality or tongue-in-groove)

New floor (below) is hardwood (hickory) planks installed by Moore Flooring out of Oroville – highly recommended. Dillon and crew installed identical floors in our main house before we moved in. Pictures below show the new floor. We still need to buy, paint and install new baseboards.

  • a new, hardwood plank hickory floor in a bedroom
  • a new, hardwood plank hickory floor in a living room
  • a new, hardwood plank hickory floor in a bedroom

Fall on the Ranch

Take a short walk out behind the house, through the orchard and around the lower pastures …

  • A honeybee on a yellow flower
  • Yellow flowers with red centers
  • a brown and white moth is sitting on top of a yellow flower
  • yellow apples hanging on a limb against a sea of yellow leaves in the background
  • two yellow apples hanging on a stem in front of a background of yellow autumn leaves
  • two apples hanging on a stem in front of a background of yellow autumn leaves
  • two organge persimmons hanging on a limb with bright orange leaves in the background
  • A green and brown varigated leaf lays among brown and dry leaves on the ground
  • Yellow, straw-like fronds with small red berries
  • A layered carpet of yellow leaves lay on the ground.
  • Orange persimmons hanging on tree limbs like christmas ornaments dangle on a tree.
  • In the background a large, yellow-leafed tree is surrounded by a frame of red leaves in the foreground
  • A brown, Jersey heifer grazing with yellow fall sycamore leaves on a tree in the background by a creek.
  • A brown, Jersey heifer swishes her tail while grazing.
  • A brown, Jersey heifer stands next to a creek.
  • A brown, Jersey heifer stands next to a creek looking to the right.
  • A brown goat kid and a brown and white goat kid resting by a creek on the grass
  • Twelve brown/black turkeys with red wattles standing in a pasture
  • A turkey with a blue head and red wattle.

Maggie Goes to the Vet

A few nights ago, Maggie didn’t show up with the other goats. We got out the ATV and spotlights and trekked the mountain in the dark, hoping to hear or see her, but no luck. We did not know if she had been carried off by a predator, eaten something poisonous, escaped … Luckily, David found her curled up in a ravine the next morning. Unfortunately, she would not walk and one leg looked crooked. David carried her all the way home. Of course, that was a weekend and no vets available. So, we waited until we could get her to the vet and he confirmed a broken leg. He said, “For adult goats, we normally can’t remedy this. However, since she is so young, we can try a cast if you want to.” Well, Maggie is a registered, Nubian doeling and sweet as a button, and was homed with us after the rest of her family was killed by predators. So of course, we are trying the cast. Hope she has a speedy recovery! She does not like being separated from her new buddy, Guru.

We are uncertain what happened. She may have fallen, or while running slipped or stepped into a hole or log, or maybe even was rammed from the side by another goat. Since she was in a ravine, we suspect she slipped and tumbled. There was no sign of any other damage, and it was a clean break at the bottom growth plate of the big bone in the leg. The vet said goats often break their legs at the upper or lower growth plate on their legs, it’s a vulnerable spot (growth plate breaks are also common in other young animals and also in human kids).

Hopefully, when she goes back to the vet in a couple weeks for another X-ray, the bone and plate are still in the proper position and healing properly.

The New Kid on the Block

Maggie stays close to her protector, Guru

There are two sad stories with a happy ending here.

Some of you may remember Guru lost his sister, Story, after she had triplets. Guru is the big, Nubian/Kiko wether pictured above. Red Magnolia (“Maggie”) was the sole survivor of a predator attack on her family on a ranch a few miles from us. Maggie is the small Nubian doeling pictured above. After the attack, Maggie’s humans contacted us for a new home for Maggie. When Maggie arrived, we first put her in with some of the other kids her age (born this Spring), but they were not as accepting as we’d hoped. As soon as we sold Bucko this week, we put all the goats back together again. Immediately, Guru took to Maggie and Maggie to Guru.

Nobody messes with Maggie now. Maggie and Guru go everywhere together.

What Goes with Enchiladas?


Pomegranate margs from juice we squeezed today, lime juice from Brenda and Holly’s limes, and then of course a little “agave” from south of the border.

David makes the enchiladas from scratch with our smoked turkey and fresh tomatillos from the garden for the sauce.

We love enchilada nights!

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