Chicken Does Not Come from a Store

… we grow and process our chicken here …

Freshly processed, organically fed, hormone and antibiotic free, whole chickens

In addition to raising turkeys (our primary food protein), we also raise meat chickens. Meat chickens are not the same as egg chickens. Egg chickens don’t have genetics suitable for meat production (in other words, egg chickens are skinny and tough).

This morning, we processed 21 chickens and we have 17 more to do next week.

I don’t think we’ve had to purchase a chicken sitting on a blood-soaked rag in a yellow, Styrofoam tray, shrink-wrapped and frozen, in a grocery counter for nearly twenty years.

The taste and texture for farm-fresh is totally different (and better in my biased opinion).

We have a number of friends who are vegetarians or vegan, and we suspect many more would be if they had to grow and process the meat they eat.

We are grateful for the animals that live here on the farm. For the ones that nourish us with their lives, I hope we honor them both with our thanks and in the way we conduct our lives.

4 thoughts on “Chicken Does Not Come from a Store”

  1. Funny story ..when I got married we bought a chicken from piggy wiggly, well when it came out of the oven I was so proud but Brian said what’s that crap on top… we never bought chicken so I said Oh they put a liner to cover the bird I guess to keep it moist 😂 in my defense I was raised on a farm 17, blonde and I’m sure my brother could add a few things. But I still laugh at my blood soaked, melted plastic covered bird.

    1. Hi Carol. These averaged 4 lbs. We basically left the good ones to last so expect average over 5 for those Monday. Yes, we have fourteen laying hens, no Delawares, though.

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