Sadness and Commotion

… today we said goodbye to one-half our goat herd. And then PG&E came …

Fifteen of our beloved goats, loaded up. Yes, there are 15 in there.

One of the consequences of the fire destroying our community’s aqueduct is that we no longer have irrigated pasture. This means we no longer have enough grass to eat for 30 goats and a heifer. Yes, the goats eat brush all morning, but they eat grass all afternoon. So, we found a new home, a ranching family, and duty as brush goats. The family wants to grow the herd to do contract brushing. We think they are going to a great home, but we put a lot of time, energy, care and love into these animals. Eyes were not dry. We really hated to do this.

THEN, all hell broke loose. Utility and tree men and big trucks were swarming all over our property. Without notice, PG&E has decided to take down every pole and wire and put up new. We have about 1/2 mile of line through our property, some tricky to get to. This means:

  • we no longer have electric lines
  • we no longer have transformers at big house, little house, and shop
  • we ‘guess’ we are not getting power back any time soon.
  • it will be very chaotic over the next few days

They got 4 of 6 poles down today.

It’s quite a bit of running around for David and I making sure animals are out of the way, gates are open, questions answered, wrong trees not cut down, etc.

We had one big scare when a crew showed up and they said they were going to clear cut under the line for the entire length of the property! Oh, that’s very bad for many reasons:

  • taking down mature trees moves the ecosystem down the path of succession from old growth with clear, defensible space underneath the canopy to lots of brush and sprouts — fire fodder!
  • when they take down trees, they leave the brush laying everywhere — more fire fodder, ugly and a lot of work for us

We got there in the nick of time. Nice guys. Called in their supervisor, also a nice guy with common sense. He understood the entire situation and that disaster avoided.

We have word that all this PG&E commotion starts up again tomorrow morning, early!

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