Pomegranate Feta Friday

… no black Friday shopping here, it was all about “making”.

Among other things, David made feta cheese rounds from Daisy’s (goat) milk. I squeezed pomegranate seeds for juice.

  • five containers of white feta cheese
  • two bowls full of light-pink pomegranate seeds
  • A jar and a pitcher full of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice

When David milks Daisy each morning, she gives him a quart of milk. We refrigerate it until we get several gallons. The five, cheese rounds pictured above came from three gallons of goat’s milk.

The pomegranates come from a grove of trees that mom and dad Lusk helped us plant over 10 years ago, plus one other tree in the orchard. We have several varieties (listed in last year’s post), some are lighter and sweeter, some are darker and more astringent. Together, they make great-tasting, raw juice that doesn’t need sugar.

The feta cheese will need to brine (in refrigeration) for a couple months, and then it’s ready. We used to buy a lot of feta. Now it all comes from Daisy. Love that Alpine goat!

The pomegranate juice that we don’t immediately drink gets frozen for later use. It was a poor crop year for apples and pomegranates … late, hard frost.

Oh, and there are byproducts with cheesemaking — ricotta cheese and whey. David got five cups of ricotta after making the feta. The last byproduct, whey, we pour onto kale and cabbage in the garden.

In case you’ve forgotten which one is Daisy, here she is, the one with the beard!

Side view of a gray, black and white Alpine goat
Daisy when she was pregnant

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  1. Glad to hear some things are normal and fun around the ranch with Christmas coming on and you are hanging in there!

    Love, L&D

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