Christmas Tree!

  • a beautifully lit and decorated Christmas tree with many colors in a home with a vaulted ceiling
  • a christmas tree full of lit lights in a home all the way to ceiling
  • A fresh, undecorated Christmas Tree in a house
  • a large pine tree sticking out of a Toyota Tacoma with two smiling men standing by the tree

The United States Forest Service sells permits to cut Christmas trees (limit 2) for individuals. With a permit and proper maps that define allowable cutting areas, we set out this year, as in years past.

However, unlike years past, the first 20 miles were no longer colorful, with golden yellow big-leaf maples mixed in with thick, dark, damp, green, fir forests. The complete and utter devastation from the September 8 fire is hard to comprehend without seeing, so we are sharing a short video on this post … what you see in the video goes on and on. It’s heartbreaking. All the areas that had supplied those wonderful trees for our home for the past 16 years burned up (video below).

Because the year continues to be dry, there was no snow blocking our journey up to and over Grizzly Summit (close to 6,000 feet). Once we got over the summit, we got past the burned area and eventually got to an area where tree cutting was allowed with permit. There was no one there. It was beautiful, and quiet, and a precious beauty compared to what we had just past through.

The area around Grizzly Summit, near Buck’s Lake, about 26 miles up the road from our house.
The road to Grizzly Summit, almost 20 miles, now looks like this
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