Celebrating Friends, Survival, and Aging Gracefully

The first party at Two Bucks Ranch in almost two years

It was too cool for the pool, but a glorious afternoon for local friends to come together in joy and celebration after so much isolation and challenge.

Loved this day and the people near. Blessings. Thank you. And many more not pictured in our hearts.

A special thank you to David for making it happen.

Familiar Refrain

… just like last year: “It’s all about water”

Every day in April has been dedicated to water — watering the ranch before the creek runs dry; trying to set up extra water storage; rebuilding the aqueduct.

Today, a sand-blaster came to blast rust and old paint off the 12,000 gallon steel tank we got last Fall so we can weld and paint it to fix some holes before we can use it. That was a reprieve from using picks and shovels on the side of the mountain to create a new pipe bed for the aqueduct in the steepest terrain that was previously cross by the trestles (so wonderfully built last Spring and burned in September).

Here are some pictures and video from those projects.

Sandblasting the inside of the tank. Two hours to do 1/8th of the inside. Visibility zero.

For comparison, the trestle being rebuilt with steel looked like this before the fire:

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