Moon’s Big Day

Maggie’s Moon went to a new home today.

His new home is in Grass Valley, about 1.5 hours from here. Moon rode the entire way sitting in David’s lap with his little horned head resting on David’s shoulder. It was hard to say goodbye to such a sweet goat, but he’s got a bunch of does in his future.

Note to selves: when traveling with a 2 month-old kid on one’s lap for more than an hour, do stop and give the little guy a potty break. About 15 minutes from our destination, David’s leg got warm and very wet … after we dropped Moon at his new home, we stopped by Tractor Supply to get a clean pair of jeans for David to wear. We stopped out our friends’ house (Dennis and LeRoy) for lunch and we just couldn’t have David smelling like goat piss for such an occasion!

Here on the ranch, Moon’s mother, Maggie, still has her little Star (the doeling we kept). Star definitely misses her Moon, but the two other kids from this Spring (Beaux Beaux and Boon) are keeping her company.

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