Projects and Productivity

We are getting evidence that we succeeded in saving fruit trees, berries and vines last year after the fire and water loss! It’s joyous and comforting to see things producing again. We also have a number of ongoing projects to keep us busy. Here are some of the latest photos:

For that water tank in the pictures, I have to paint that in short stages while wearing a high-quality respirator. There’s no air circulation and the fumes are deadly. Even with the respirator, after painting about 1/2 gallon, my eyes are burning and I have to get out. (There’s a tiny hole to craw out of). It took 3 gallons of primer, so that was six, separate mornings of painting — thankfully we had some cool weather for that! (I can’t remember if I posted a photo of the tank being sandblasted — that was also a hellacious job). So we’ve hired a professional sandblaster and a professional welder to help us get this tank holding water for the long-term. Soon we’ll have water in it.

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  1. Amazed at the black hollyhock. They are on my grow focus list for next year. I had in NM and they’d get taller than me but all half hearted attempts here have failed..

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