Now Certified to Build Pyramids

Today we used a 2,500 lb tractor to move a 9,000 lb steel tank.

This was our dilemma … the steel water tank weighed over 9,000 lbs. Our tractor only weighs 2,500 pounds and really can’t lift more than half its weight. We had to drag and push the tank, pivot it, and then roll it. Rolling was not difficult. Horizontally moving it was.

Enter physics!

We had a couple of dual pulleys which we used as block and tackle. Sorry we don’t have pictures of the setup, but we used a rope, a tree, log chains, and the two double pulleys to effectively reduce the weight that the tractor pulled to about 2,300 lbs. In this way, we could pull the tank with the tractor with one double pulley attached to a tree, and one to the tank. The rope was threaded through all the pulleys and tied off to a tree on one end, and attached to the tractor on the other. Once we pulled the tank into position, we then pivoted it and rolled it into position. We did use some round posts as rollers under the leading edge of the tank to reduce friction — it would have never moved without the roller posts.

Below are a few pictures of the tank in various positions, the pulleys and the rope. Also, there is a video of the final “rolling into position”.

We are quite proud of ourselves and also thankful for the rope left behind by Jack Cameron when we bought the old house in 2004 across the road from us — that rope, an old, 1″ nylon anchor rope about 200′ long — has helped us move logs, water pipe after the fire, and now, the tank!

Here’s a short video clip David shot as Neil rolled the tank into final position.

Before we started this project around 9:00 a.m. this morning, the tank was rotated 180 degrees different from what you see above and back where the tractor is in the video. We had to pull and roll the tank longways (horizontally) about 16 feet, pivot it, and then roll it another 12 feet. Project was completed before noon.

We are very proud of ourselves — nothing was broken, no one was hurt, and the tank is now ready for water!

We also figure that if two seni0r citizens could move 4.5 tons into a tricky position with just some posts, ropes, pulleys and a 30 hp tractor, we could build pyramids! Okay, humor us. 🤣

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  1. Now that you two have proved yourselves to be insanely lucky…..

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