Scary Trees

At the beginning of last week, we had two, hundred-plus year old pine trees, dead and leaning over the highway (3 – 4′ in diameter). Both of these things were disasters waiting to happen and we could not get anyone to take them down — too dangerous and difficult. In the last two years, two private arborists have declined the job. Butte County said “not our problem”. None of the private contractors and tree removal people working on fire cleanup in Berry Creek were interested.

It was frustrating to see all the hype about removing hazard trees, and all the equipment and people going up the hill every day to remove hazard trees and these two trees were more hazardous to more people than any!

But the good news is we finally found someone willing to do it. He got one down this week, but a $1000.00/hr crane has to come next week for the other.

Below is a picture of the two trees in 2015 — almost dead then. Then a picture of the remaining tree today that needs a crane.

See the rope pulling the tree back from leaning way over the road?
This tree is about 3′ in diameter at the base. The rope on it is pulling it back a little from leaning way over the road.

Yes, there is a telephone line under the tree as well as our fence and the road.

When the phone line was down after the fire, and while they had traffic controlled on the road most of last year, no one would help us take these trees down. We are very happy to have found someone to get it done now!

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