A Year Post-Fire and the Ranch is Humming

A year ago last week, things looked bleak.

But this year, last week, it was a different story.

My sister, her son and his fiance came to visit. We had beautiful weather and clear, smoke-free days.

We drilled a secondary/emergency well, made more cheese and cider, split firewood, played games, laughed, painted an old bed, enjoyed the pool, laughed more with Holly and Brenda, played with Belle and the goats, and ate well!

  • a group of people in front of an old barn
  • picture of the back side of a well drilling rig
  • a wood splitter and stack of wood
  • Canteloupe and watermelon in the field
  • a field of goats grazing
  • Four people cutting up apples
  • two people picking up apples
  • Foreground swimming pool, mid-ground goats, background forest and pasture
  • A cow and a calf
  • two people lounging by a swimming pool
  • two women petting goats
  • Two people with an Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • Two people by Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • Two goats, mother and doeling
  • a woman next to an Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Belle and a Chicken (video by Dalane)

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