Churn Da Butter, Ja?

I’m pretty sure this is the best butter I’ve ever tasted …

It took about 4 minutes to churn 4 quarts of cream into 3 lbs of rich, bright yellow butter.

We used a Dazey Churn No. 8 with tulip-shaped jar. This model of churn was made in the early 1900s. The cranks are relatively common, but the tulip-shaped jar is a little more rare these days. We think the jar’s shape, along with the paddle design, make this an incredibly easy, quick churn. David’s mom gave us the crank and I found a jar on ebay.

Lucy provides a nice, rich cream that turns bright yellow as butter. It’s stunningly brilliant and tasty!

A video follows, the the process was this

  • Create a quart of kefir from fresh milk
  • Add kefir to fresh cream and let it ferment at room temperature for 24 hours.
    • this creates a culture to produce cultured butter/buttermilk
  • Churn the cream into butter
    • buttermilk is the byproduct (David uses a lot of buttermilk for cooking)
  • Rinse the butter and salt to taste (if desired)
  • Cool the butter in ice water
  • Press into storage containers and use right away or freeze until needed.
Churning cream to butter in four minutes

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