Christmas Tree Project Slowed by Jury Duty

David lit the tree yesterday but ribbon and ornaments will take a back seat to my Jury Duty. Yesterday I was added to a 4-day jury trial.

The tree is beautiful, even without ornaments (photo below).

Jury Duty is a citizen duty and jury trials are a right. I have been involved in this process before and I think it is a good one. In fact (and I have said this before), I wish our Congressional representatives were selected in a way similar to the way we select juries — lottery of registered voters, followed by a more rigorous selection process (which allows for reasonable excuse through hardship or cause), supported by training and guidance. There would be job safeguards for people to return to their old jobs, appropriate pay and benefits, two-year terms, and a solemn oath to serve constituents and country (the end of parties). Senators could be popularly elected from the growing pool of representatives previously selected by this process, but would be for six-year terms without term limits (elections should be sufficient to find a better rep and ditch a bad one).

So, that is the reform wish I’m going to put under the tree for Christmas this year! Let’s return power to ordinary citizens and take it away from the parties and the money, while reducing the amount of crazy election nonsense.

And here’s the tree (in its first stage of decoration — David’s amazing light work)!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Project Slowed by Jury Duty”

  1. Unbelievable how tall that tree is.. Putting those light on must have been frightening! Great job David.

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