February, It’s a Wrap

We had no rain.

We spent most of our time with the animals, and helping the new puppy grow up.

We also cleaned the garden and worked a pile of compost into the soil, hoping for rain sometime before it is time to plant.

This last week of February was very cold, and a hard freeze probably took this year’s crop of peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and kiwi.

Young Guardian in Progress
Compost pile comprised of waste alfalfa hay, cow, goat and rabbit manure
Garden, waiting for rain, after one entire compost pile worked in

In the video below, the dogs play leisurely until the very end. Then watch them jump to high alert when they hear another dog bark to the East. This is what livestock guardians do … they can shift gears quickly, going from sleep or play right into strong defense! You can also see some of the goats run — the goats tend to cluster near the dogs for safety if there’s a possible threat.

About Those Dog Weights

I recently posted 190 pounds of patience meets 40 pounds ….

Well, it’s more like 200 pounds meets 70 pounds! And play is getting a little rougher, but she asks for it until she doesn’t, and then they are done.

Oh yeah … I underestimated big dog weight and little dog is growing like a weed and has almost doubled.

In this post, we have:

  1. a picture of the dogs chewing on a stick with Lucy and goats in the background
  2. a play video from yesterday (2/17/2022)
  3. a link to a playlist on YouTube with more puppy play videos.
Sharing a stick to chew on
Puppy Play. About 1.22 in, she lets him know to ease off for a second.

Lucy, Can We Get Two Out of Three?


Some of you know Lucy is a hefty girl for a milk cow.

She eats well.

This has made her a bit of a challenge for a real bull (see previous post: Lucy’s Boyfriend Comes in a Can).

It is also a challenge for the area’s AI pro. We were fortunate that Lucy got pregnant with her first artificial insemination. We missed on the second try last month. We tried again last night.

I think I was a little leery of a Halloween birth, anyway. Last night was full-moon eve and we are now hoping for a healthy new heifer calf and mom around Thanksgiving.

Let’s Talk About the Weather

** 2/14/2022 News Flash* This just in: worst megadrought in over 1,200 years.

** Original post on 2/12/2022**

Oh, it’s enjoyable enough right now … sunny, 70s/80s.

But it is not supposed to be that way in Northern California’s rainy season … not for nearly two months straight!

The long-term prospects of drought recovery at this point are not looking good. Below is a collection of information — long-term forecasts for U.S. and one of the water maps we look at for our area.

We have never had to irrigate before in February. Normally, we are burning brush. We expect a burn-ban soon.

Kiwi “Juice”?

It’s supposed to be really great stuff … according to this list:

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals – including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, folate, etc.
  • In fact, kiwi juice contains more than 200% of the daily recommended vitamin C!
  • Likewise packed with antioxidants to prevent cell damage due to oxidization.
  • Kiwi juice is also low in calories – with about 50kcal per serving!
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the vitamin E and polyphenols in the kiwi juice. This is great for inflammation-based pain and symptoms.
  • Kiwi juice also contains heart-healthy benefits, including reducing the risk of clots and reducing blood pressure levels.
  • Plus, some research has been carried out that shows a link between kiwis and the reduction of chest issues. This includes asthma, wheezing, prolonged coughing, etc.
  • It can also boost digestion. Thanks to the enzyme “actinidin,” kiwi juice can help your stomach work less to digest.

We have many small kiwi (because I didn’t properly thin them this year). So turning them into “juice” seemed like a great idea!

Well, it was more like green slop.

So I added pomegranate juice … since we have a lot of that great, healthy juice, too.

Yeah, it’s less sloppy and more juicy, but I just don’t like the texture. Fortunately, I made only one quart of it. The color is not that great, either, but better than the “brown” I suspected from the mix.

The rest of the kiwi will be consumed in morning fruit salads or go home with mom Lusk.

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