Let’s Talk About the Weather

** 2/14/2022 News Flash* This just in: worst megadrought in over 1,200 years.

** Original post on 2/12/2022**

Oh, it’s enjoyable enough right now … sunny, 70s/80s.

But it is not supposed to be that way in Northern California’s rainy season … not for nearly two months straight!

The long-term prospects of drought recovery at this point are not looking good. Below is a collection of information — long-term forecasts for U.S. and one of the water maps we look at for our area.

We have never had to irrigate before in February. Normally, we are burning brush. We expect a burn-ban soon.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Weather”

  1. People keep commenting to me about how nice the weather is, and I’m afraid I am Debbie Downer when I reply that it should be raining….. Blueberries are flowering now, and the road is dusty. When we’re suffocating in the summer from smoke and dire heat, I hope those folks realize what this “nice” weather means. xoxo

  2. I think the lack of rain is why daffodils and crocus here haven’t bloomed…they barely have buds when in past years they’d have started blooms by now.

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