About Those Dog Weights

I recently posted 190 pounds of patience meets 40 pounds ….

Well, it’s more like 200 pounds meets 70 pounds! And play is getting a little rougher, but she asks for it until she doesn’t, and then they are done.

Oh yeah … I underestimated big dog weight and little dog is growing like a weed and has almost doubled.

In this post, we have:

  1. a picture of the dogs chewing on a stick with Lucy and goats in the background
  2. a play video from yesterday (2/17/2022)
  3. a link to a playlist on YouTube with more puppy play videos.
Sharing a stick to chew on
Puppy Play. About 1.22 in, she lets him know to ease off for a second.

4 thoughts on “About Those Dog Weights”

    1. Absolutely. It is so important to have a trained dog to train the new one …. Zaman is really too old because it’s hard on him, but he is so important. I’m glad we were able to get a new dog before it was too late. We are still unsettled by Faruk’s rapid demise.

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