Forty-Five Minutes to Sweet Cream Butter

You already know that it only takes four minutes to churn cultured milk to butter, by hand.

You also know we recently picked up an antique, motorized churn with bare wires and fixed it up.

Now we know that it takes forty-five minutes to churn sweet cream into butter, using a machine.

This is why sweet cream butter would be a rare thing in this world if it had to be produced by hand! Forty-five minutes of constant churning!

There’s not much difference in color (and Lucy’s milk produces a naturally bright yellow butter), and most people who buy real butter in a store are buying sweet cream butter. Sweet cream butter has a milder tasted than cultured butter — some would say almost no taste compared to a definite butter taste with cultured butter.

Here’s a short video clip of the renovated antique churn in action, and a couple photos of the churned butter/buttermilk, and finished, pressed product.

Motorized butter churn in action

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