David has Aced Cheddar

He’s done consistently well with feta, mozzarella, cream cheese, and chèvre for some time now.

But cheddar has been a challenge … not so much the initial stage of cheddaring curds, but pressing, preservation and storage for aging.

A fresh, solid block of aged cheddar newly liberated from its storage rind

In the above picture, you can see I’ve shaved off a nice, thin rind to reveal a solid beautiful chunk of aged cheddar cheese.

We finally perfected pressing by making a wider, wooden disk for the press (so we could press all the cheese much more firmly). Check.

Then he had to get the moisture content right before wrapping (drier rather than wetter). Check.

Then he had to get the best method for wrapping (cheesecloth with a layer of butter and then freezer paper). Check.

Then he had to master humidity and temperature in a standard home refrigerator for multi-month storage (aging). Check.

He had some pretty nasty muck a few times, but those days are now a humorous part of the story! The chickens disposed of the muck with no problem, so we got it back in eggs.

Well done, David!

7 thoughts on “David has Aced Cheddar”

    1. I was thinking after I made the post that I am in a position to make a post like that, and he is not (would be really tacky), so it does take two, even though he’s making all the cheese and doing all the milking, and I am not.

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