Tiny Excavator Operator

Even in retirement, I keep adding to my resume …

This time, it’s as an excavator operator. Granted, it’s a tiny one, only 4,000 lbs (not the 20,000 lb one we had last year for the water ditch pipeline project).

Since the fire, we have invasive grasses and blackberries filling our community’s water irrigation ditch. In order to conserve water and the proper operation of the ditch, we are removing these invasive things. The grasses are really bad because they slow the water, catch sediment, and fill the ditch so that it can’t carry water properly.

I’ve never operated an excavator until today, but so far, so good. I moved tons of silt and invasive grass roots this afternoon. Much more to do. We don’t want to use chemical pesticides or herbicides on this system. Last year we tried to dig some by-hand and it just wasn’t doable.

Cleaning sediment and invasive grasses out of the ditch
After I’m finished, the ditch is about 4′ wider and 1′ deeper.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Excavator Operator”

  1. You are so amazing!! Each of your capacity to stretch and assure you accomplish what needs to be done is extraordinary!! Another task well done!!!

    1. Thanks Heather! Wish it was done. I’ll be doing this for an entire week. I have some help from Butte College on the weekend, thankfully!

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