Update: Cow, Dog, Calf, Ditch

These days, we think of the fire as the “gift” that keeps giving. The scope and magnitude of the unexpected and unplanned-for work is formidable.

Anyway, things move along and here are some quick updates:

  • Lucy: we think she is 1 month pregnant. If so, due date is January 2023
  • Ayi now weighs 100 lbs. She has dental issues and will need her lower canines cut down and capped.
  • I call the new bottle-calf “Junior”. He’s doing very well.
  • The 170-year-old water ditch, the all-important conveyance of water with senior water rights, has been aged another 100 years by the fire. Our current focus is related to getting that working again for another year.
Milk cow Lucy grazing away, we think eating for two now!

Ditch cleaning

Burn-scar run-off, debris, invasive species and silt have forced us to deal aggressively with about 1/4 mile of ditch (it’s about 1.6 miles long, overall). We are literally digging it out, by-hand and with machine. Yeah, that old guy with poor posture in the above picture is me. We’ve been doing this for a number of days now. David is following-up with a shovel to get what the machine can’t. We are deeply indebted to the ingenuity and availability of machinery and diesel fuel!

In the above photo, David estimates that we removed three dump-trucks worth of debris and sediment from this 300 ft of ditch alone.

While we are doing this, two other ditch members are raking out grass and vines trimmed by the CCC crew. Two members have weed trimmed some areas of the ditch the CCC crew didn’t get to. Another member is helping with machine transport and refueling. And today we have more help: 1) one of the guys that excavated last year for us will help us today with the machine in some dicey areas, and 2) a couple other members will help out with the digging today.

We have some other repairs to complete but hope to have water flowing by next week sometime.

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    1. We are concerned Avian Flu in the Midwest is going to result in no turkeys for us in 2022. Our baby turkeys come from Missouri. Can’t get them in CA. So, yes, we are hedging with Junior … although he’s a longer-term proposition, probably about a year.

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