Ayi Growing Up: Braces and Swimming Lessons

Ayi’s lower canines were trapped in and just behind the upper ones, digging into her palate. It’s called malocclusion. Options include total extraction, cut and cap, or braces (actually a retainer of sorts) to coax the lower canines to sneak out past the upper ones. We need about 3 mm on each canine. One vet said he thought Ayi was already too old for this to be successful. Another vet seemed pretty confident it could work. Worst case, we wind up doing all three options if a lesser invasive one fails. Like all parents, we of course want to save the kid’s teeth if we can … and as a guardian, she needs them.

This ‘puppy’ is not supposed to chew on anything other than soft food for two weeks. If the retainer comes out, she has to go back again for more anesthesia and another fitting. She is now confined to kennel with no toys, off goat duty, can’t play and run with the big dog, and has to wear a cone.

Oh, did I mention Anatolians love to create mounds of chew toy collections … logs, rocks, sticks, etc. She especially loves round, flat rocks from the creek. Wish us LOTS of luck keeping her from chewing something.

I asked the vet if Ayi could swim because she is the first Anatolian we’ve had that has actually gone into water deeper than she can stand to paddle around a little. She loves water. Vet said swimming is probably fine … just getting her back into cone and on leash after freedom might be dicey.

Anyway, here are pictures of both — the new retainer molded onto her upper teeth and pallet and yesterday swimming in the pond.

Ayi’s ortho retainer — an attempt to move lower canines out 3 mm or so (2-3 weeks is the hope)
Ayi loves to swim!

3 thoughts on “Ayi Growing Up: Braces and Swimming Lessons”

  1. Omg, only you guys would have a dog with a retainer. Ok, maybe I would too but…🤔🤣💕

    1. Actually, it was practical and essential! She’s a guardian … needs her teeth! We really hope to not have to pull them! How can she kill varmints and defend against bears and lions without canines!!??

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