Goat Beach!

We’ve wanted to do this for years … Jacinto and Nico made it reality – they created and placed the “Goat Beach” sign for me!

Goats being goats, they already broke part of the well-crafted sign, but you get the picture!

Jacinto and Nico have also nearly mastered lawn mowing! (The only thing left to master is the first mow strip along buildings, irrigation pipes and pool).

Jacinto mowing
Nico mowing

Today, we also clipped a bazillion woolly mullein seeds (incredibly invasive in our burn scar).

They also finished moving a bunch of sucker rods (30′ long, steel, well-drilling rods that weigh about 40 lbs each). I wish there was a video of that, but they’d grab a rod in both hands and take off running full-speed ahead, dragging the rods behind them. Ah, youth!

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