More Friends from Texas

This week, one of David’s childhood neighbors and friend and her husband came to visit from Texas. Lisa and Kelvin were filming and broadcasting some competition water skiing events in Elk Grove … after that, they drove up for a quick visit.

Lisa and David have known each other since first grade. Lisa’s mom and David’s mom are still neighbors. Lisa and David were dancing partners back in the day … C&W, polka and waltzes.

This was a kind of staycation for us since the visit was brief and we were all ready for some R&R. Lisa taught us a couple of new games, Five Crowns and Spicey Farkle … so our repertoire of 42, Pinochle and Bridge has expanded!

Lisa and Kelvin even got to experience herding turkeys! It was this year’s flock’s first time to pasture, so it was a little chaotic. Lisa and Kelvin also got up early in the morning to learn the secret to making David’s scones.

It was a great visit and here are some of Lisa’s pictures from the last couple of days:

Kelvin, Lisa, David and Neil

Neil and David learning 5 Crowns. I think Neil won, right?

Neil attacking David’s sourdough loaf with the 1970’s electric knife and his good (left) arm

David milking Lucy … milking number 734 and counting

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  1. Who’s counting? Oh yeah – David!! So glad you had visitors after us who would both play games AND work. I think I fell down on the job this time!

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