Jalapeño Poppers

Now that the heat wave is over, we fired up a little Jalapeño heat and heat from the grill. Appropriate cool provided by my signature pomegranate margaritas.

Here’s what you need:

For the poppers:

  1. A special rack for the grill
  2. A pepper coring tool (to remove insides and leave only the pepper shell)
  3. Cream cheese, chopped mushrooms and other optional ingredients (we used dried tomato powder)
  4. A frosting bag (like used for icing a cake — to dispense the cream cheese into the poppers)
  5. Medium-sized Jalapeños

For the margaritas (this makes nine, 8 oz servings on the rocks — adjust proportions as needed):

  1. 12 oz tequila (Añejo preferred)
  2. 6 oz triple sec (60-proof if available)
  3. 3 oz Grand Marnier
  4. 6 oz limeade concentrate (frozen)
  5. 24 oz fresh pomegranate juice
  6. salt and lime for rim of glasses if desired

Slideshow demonstration:

  • a serrated, spiral knife
  • serrated coring tool inserted into jalepeno pepper
  • a cored jalepeno with a few seeds showing
  • a bowl with a mixture of cream cheese and chopped mushrooms
  • 19 cored jalepeno peppers in a rack with cream cheese filling being put into them
  • a top-down look at cored peppers filled with cream cheese
  • Jalapeños on a rack with filling and bacon over the top
  • A filled jalapeño rack ready to grill
  • Rack of stuffed jalapeños on the grill
  • Roasted jalapeño poppers ready to eat on the grill
  • A dish of enchiladas, roasted jalepeno peppers and pomegranate margaritas

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