Heather and the 40lb Watermelon

Heather hefts the 40lb Congo

This variety, Congo, gets big. I have one more this size not quite ripe yet. Of course, I can’t lift it (due to the rotator cuff surgery), so Heather did it for me.

Aren’t organic melons $3.99 / lb. Hmm, think I can sell it for $160? 🤣🤣

You can see some of David’s tomato bounty there, too.

Heather has been here a few days to help us again. We had an absolutely beautiful day yesterday. David and Heather declared it a “GSDD” (get shit done day). Heather also canned her first batch of pickles, among a long list of other accomplishments, like 20 batches of pesto, weeding, tilling, picking, etc.

Here’s what the day looked like. Almost seemed normal — cool, clear wonderful air.

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