Dogs, Goats, Ranch on a Fall Morning

Last week we had some wonderful rain, and Fall arrived this week. Morning walks with the goats and dogs are full of moist, fragrant, cool air and the animals seem more energetic. Really beautiful right now. Here are some photos from this morning and one dog video.

  • a garden, windmill and barn with blue sky in trees in background
  • A small pond with trees and sky reflected in it.
  • Two Anatolian Shepherd dogs by a gate
Dogs at play

5 thoughts on “Dogs, Goats, Ranch on a Fall Morning”

  1. PASTORAL is the word for it!

    Unfortunately, the terrible rains accompanying Global Warming around the World are a big worry for me, LeRoy, that we have been watching nightly on the TV news. We live on the side of a hill, also: Just not as exposed as you are!

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