The small ranch we live on has had other names. Jack’s Ranch and Canyon Creek Ranch were the most recent ones. We now call it Two Bucks Ranch!

It’s thirty-seven acres in the foothills of Northern California. This is beautiful country, and can be very abundant, given adequate water. Typically, there’s a cool season and a warm season, both last about six months. The wet season used to be about as long as the cool season, but with climate change, it is getting alarmingly shorter and more variable.

We use organic methods to grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and animals — managing to grow a great deal of our own food right here, as well as direct sales, CSA and donations. We are omnivores, not vegans or vegetarians, so yes, some of the animals are raised for food. We keep livestock guardian dogs, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (ASDs) to protect animals and property from bears, mountain lions, coyotes and stray dogs (we have seen them all). The dogs do an amazing job and they are really essential — we rely on them, 100%.

Water is the other essential for us. We are fortunate to have access to a very old water system that delivers water via aqueduct and creek. You can find out more about that in some of our posts.

People ask us about all the goats. What are they for? Mostly, they are for brush reduction/fire risk mitigation. We also have goats that produce abundant milk, so we have that, and make a variety of cheeses.

We used to do all this while working full-time jobs as well. There’s a problem with the world economic system that makes it nearly impossible to buy land and run a ranch with just income from legitimate crops. We have not slowed down any, but we do this 100% of our time, now.

With this site, we share images, ideas and details about many of the things that are produced here. You can learn how to make cheese, or hard apple cider. Enjoy some beautiful flowers. Laugh at some goat videos. Watch the seasons change. Contact us for direct sales and CSA subscriptions.

Thank you for being here, and for participating in our way of life. We love what we do, and hope you find some good things here, including inspiration.

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